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Đồng hồ đo độ cứng cao su GS-709G Teclock
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Đồng hồ đo độ cứng cao su GS-709G Teclock

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Tên sản phẩm: Đồng hồ đo độ cứng cao su
Model: GS-709G
Thương hiệu: Teclock

Máy đo độ cứng cao su, nhựa TECLOCK GS-709G

Making measurement of various stiffness possible
Durometer (rubber / plastic hardness measurement)

・When the base of durometer and work are cohered each other, added pressure caused by spring inside durometer indentation changes shape of work and work makes power against this power.
・Pressed volume of pressed indentation are indicated as stiffness when this added pressure and opposition power are in equivalent.
・The reason why there are various kinds of durometer, it is for the purpose of measuring spongy thing like sponge and hard thing like plastic by combining spring power of strong and weak and shape of pressed indentation (sharp pointed or round).


Measurement example
The basis of measurement of hardness with durometer is that pressed plate ( indentation plate ) of durometer held with both hands is vertically pressed from the top in a fixed velocity on the flat plate of tested material set on a flat table and immediately after that, indicated maximum figure is read. That figure shows “hardness”.
Basic condition for measurement as standard is ruled in common with as below.
1.As to measuring position, it is to be inside from the edge of tested material by 12mm and above. The distance is to be away by 6mm and above.
2.Thickness of tested material is normally 6mm and above . Type E is 10mm and above.
3.Hardness is to be the middle of 5 points or its average.
4.In case measured result is 50°by Type A, “A50” is indicated.
5.Test condition : temperature 23+- 2 humidity 50 +-5%.





Selection of model of durometer
There are different various types for durometer regarding spring power, dimension and shape of osibari. This is according to each country’s standard for the purpose of indicating degree of hardness and softness with higher sensitivity against characteristic of test material of different surface.
TECLOCK durometer is in accordance with each country’s standard and has completed line-up suiting to wide range of materials including original products. Each durometer such as Type A. D. E. in accordance with physical test method of “ vulcanization rubber and heat plasticity rubber “ JIS K6253 (new JIS ) ruled for the purpose of ISO.
Please refer to the right chart and select the most suitable model.



G is available for (tisin) night line type of end letter N
Only (tisin) night line type is available for type of end letter G

Regarding night line type (end of model code G)
There are some of which maximum figure is difficult to read owing to decrease of indicated figure due to release of stress among rubber and among rubber and elastomer just after pressed plate of durometer is stuck.
As night line maintains max figure even though indicated pointer continues to indicate decreasing figure, reading accuracy is improved. Then, in case indentation is not directly seen owing to some obstacles even though measurement is possible, the figure can be confirmed by night line after measurement. as highest and lowest limiter is equipped as standard for night line type, it is effective for judging tolerance of stiffness.

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