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Máy đo độ nhớt STT-100 Brookfield
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Máy đo độ nhớt STT-100 Brookfield

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Tên sản phẩm: Máy đo độ nhớt
Model: STT-100
Thương hiệu: Brookfield





Thông số kỹ thuật:


-         Viscosity Range:  350 - 250,000 (cP/mPa·s)

-         Speeds: single speed: application specific

-         Input Power:        

-         115 Vac: 50/60 Hz

230 Vac: 50/60 Hz

24 Vdc

12 Vdc

-         Output: 4 - 20 mA


Features And Benefits


-         Conforms to 3A sanitary conditions and has clean-in-place (CIP) design

-         Continuous measurement eliminates need for "Grab" sampling and allows for prediction and constant control of final product properties

-         Concentric cylinder geometry (Couette type) provides viscosity measurments at defined shear conditions

-         Defined shear means agreement with Brookfield Laboratory measurements at equivalent shear rates

-         Constant or variable speed motors available

-         4-20 mA output signal provides a variety of display and control capabilities

-         Capable of a wide range of pressures, temperatures, viscosities, flow and shear rates

-         Measurement "Zone" is protected from main flow, allowing accurate, repeatable measurement under variable conditions

-         Mounts in-line supported by connections: Available in 3″ or 4″ pipeline connections; sanitary, threaded or flanged

-         Easy to check and maintain calibration




-         Standard design with flanged connections

-         Variable speed motor

-         Computer controlled variable speed viscometer

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