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Máy đo độ nhớt CAP-1000+ Brookfield
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Máy đo độ nhớt CAP-1000+ Brookfield

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Tên sản phẩm: Máy đo độ nhớt
Model: CAP-1000+
Thương hiệu: Brookfield


MODEL: CAP-1000+



Thông số kỹ thuật:

Features & benefits

-         Quick single point test

-         Choice of shear rate. Standard speeds include 750 and 900 rpm to provide shear rate at 10,000 sec-1.

-         Rapid temperature control with built-in Peltier element in sample plate

-         Rugged Design Can Handle Production Environment

-         Rugged design can handle production environment

-         Small Sample Size, < 1 mL, Simplifies Testing

-         Easy to Clean

-         Customizable options

-         Parallel printer output

Let us help you configure the cap 1000+ to provide a simple, single point, viscosity test

-         Specify one speed or shear rate if this is required for your method.

-         Indicate viscosity range.

-         Select the temperature range that best suits your application:

-         5°C to 75°C or 50°C to 235°C

-         Choose from 10 spindles for multiple viscosity ranges

-         Brookfield will help choose the appropriate instrument configuration.

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